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Haley Lynn Gray is the visionary founder behind the Women’s Entrepreneur Network, a movement built on the radical idea that women possess a unique power and set of skills that can propel them to become highly effective leaders and successful business owners. Her journey is marked by remarkable achievements and a commitment to empowering women in the world of entrepreneurship.

As an accomplished author, Haley has penned best-selling books such as “Leadership Girl” and “Fearless Marketing.” Her academic prowess is highlighted by her MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, with a concentration in entrepreneurship and innovation. With this knowledge, she embarked on a path of entrepreneurship herself, founding and successfully nurturing multiple small businesses before eventually selling them.

Since founding Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Haley has been a mentor for tens of thousands of small business owners helping them make hundreds of millions of dollars of profit.

Haley’s coaching and consulting services offer tailored solutions, including one-on-one coaching, small group sessions, and various program offerings. She assists clients in growing their businesses in ways that align with their unique needs, recognizing that no two businesses are identical.

Haley extends her expertise through In2itive Biz Solutions LLC, where she provides a range of “done for you” services, including website development, social media management, sales funnel builds and optimization, SEO, and advertising.

Central to Haley’s philosophy is the belief that every business possesses its own distinct fingerprint. By acknowledging and leveraging these individual strengths and addressing weaknesses, the best results can be achieved. She firmly rejects the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership and business modeling, emphasizing that our uniqueness is our greatest asset.

Beyond her professional achievements, Haley is a devoted mother to four active children and curates a mini zoo in her home, featuring a diverse array of pets, including cats, dogs, a horse, fish, and turtles.

Haley is a fierce advocate for mental health issues, since her oldest daughter’s traumatic brain injury and subsequent mental health challenges. This underscores her understanding that life can be messy, but it remains beautiful nonetheless. Haley Lynn Gray embodies the spirit of resilience, empowerment, and individuality, both in her professional endeavors and her personal life.

The Coach Foundation has identified Haley as one of the premier Marketing Coaches in the industry.”

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“Listening to Haley tell her story of how she has gotten to where she is today- why she is where she is today- makes you realize that anything can happen. Anyone can do anything.”
~ Meg Campbell
“When is the last time you got to work with a powerhouse of skill and influence? I’ve been blessed to learn so many marketing strategies for my business from Haley Gray going on 5 years now. As I have applied techniques from her marketing classes and coaching my business has grown. All businesses start small, but I can honestly say the second year I doubled my revenue in 2020 when many businesses folded. In my third year I have already doubled my second year’s revenue. Haley has a superb ability to grasp the big picture for small business and simplify the steps so nearly anyone can replicate them. She always provides much more value than the actual cost. I can honestly say she has gone above and beyond in helping me. But you know what? I see her do the same regularly with so many others too. One of the best parts about Haley, she will meet you where you are and then she will push you to become more than you ever dreamed you could be. Need an awesome coach to drive new growth in your business, Haley can help you scale to 6 figures and more!”

~ Lei Scheidell

“I was concerned that I would not gain much new insight, but after working with Haley, I got a few new ideas on marketing options to look into.

Haley is very engaged in her conversation with you and you can hear the wheels spinning when she thinks through how to uniquely help your business. She is masterful when it comes to giving incite to marketing efforts and how to navigate the social media tangled web.

If you work with Haley, you will not be disappointed. She does provide one on one services at a reasonable rate but also provides a wealth of knowledge through her books, blogs and free online resources. Thanks Haley!”
~ Jennie K.

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