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Haley Lynn Gray founded Leadership Girl with the radical notion that women can harness their unique power and skills to become highly effective leaders.  

She is the best-selling author of Leadership Girl, Fearless Marketing,  and a graduate of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business with an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship and Innovation.  She has experience with starting up successful small businesses, growing them, then selling them.

Haley has worked with hundreds of small business owners since Leadership Girl was founded.  She has a passion for helping their owners find ways to grow their business, acquire visibility, and transform into the go-to expert in their industry, while saving them significant amounts of money.

Haley is the founder of the 70,000 strong Women’s Entrepreneur Network Group on Facebook.   

Coaching and Consulting services include  1:1 work, small groups, and in a variety of different programs. Haley helps clients grow their businesses in a way that makes sense for them, since no two businesses are exactly the same.

She provides done for you services through Fiercely Marketing such as websites, social media, sales funnels, SEO, and ads. 

It is the belief that each business has its own unique fingerprint.  When we recognize and work with each business’s unique strengths and weaknesses, then we see the best results.

There is no one size fits all for leadership or business modeling.  We are all unique, so playing to our strengths yields the best outcomes.

She is the mother of four active kids, and has a mini zoo in her home, with a variety of pets including cats, a dog, a horse, rabbit, fish, and turtles!  She understands that sometimes life gets in the way and is messy, but that it is beautiful anyway.

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Speaking and Workshops


Topics Include:

Social Media Strategy

Facebook Groups


Marketing Strategy

Holistic Marketing

Marketing Strategy 


Done for You Digital Marketing Services


Marketing Plans

Social Media Marketing






Sales Funnels

Content Creation


Women’s Entrepreneur Network


Group with 70,000 members



Membership Directory



Craft and Vendor Shows

Happy Clients

“If you have ever thought about getting a coach to help you get on point, now is the time. Haley is amazing!!! Her support and follow through is bar none!!! I am the only person in my way right now and she encourages me every step of the way. She delivers on her offerings and I achieve results every time I follow through on the actions we identify. Do not miss the chance to work with Haley!!!”
~ Nickel Jaramillo

“Clarity in Business. Earlier this morning I reached out to Haley Lynn Gray about helping me get my business focuses. Within 45 minutes I was clear. She helped me through one of the hardest brain fogs I have ever had. She is offering a complimentary clarity session for you so get with her and set a time. Get clear and thrive.”

“I was concerned that I would not gain much new insight, but after working with Haley, I got a few new ideas on marketing options to look into.

Haley is very engaged in her conversation with you and you can hear the wheels spinning when she thinks through how to uniquely help your business. She is masterful when it comes to giving incite to marketing efforts and how to navigate the social media tangled web.

If you work with Haley, you will not be disappointed. She does provide one on one services at a reasonable rate but also provides a wealth of knowledge through her books, blogs and free online resources. Thanks Haley!”
~ Jennie K.

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