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Hi! I’m Haley

Speaker, Coach, Marketing Wizard

I Live to Help Business Owners


I discovered a burning passion to help small business owners with their businesses in 2012 while I was at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business Studying for my MBA.

In fact, I geeked out on it so much that I decided to pursue my concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and spend an extra 4 months in school.

While I was studying for my MBA, I also started my blog, Leadership Girl.

After I graduated, I started a small, non-medical home care agency, which I grew, and sold 3 years later.

I decided to focus on helping small businesses full time with their business and marketing strategy, and started growing the Women’s Entrepreneur Network Group on Facebook.  (I’d love to have you come join us for the fun!)

What I quickly started to learn is that many business coaches, and marketing strategists are in it just to sell you the next thing that they offer, whether or not it makes any sense for your business. 

Of course, most businesses do eventually need a website, it’s important to do the strategy pieces first, to ensure that the website being built actually fits the businesses’ needs.

It is that quirky set of standards and beliefs that sets me apart from others.  If what we’re doing doesn’t fit your business, then there is no way I’m going to recommend that as a solution.

I believe in client education as a critical component to the decision making process.  How that plays out is that if you come to me for Facebook ads, I’m going to want to know why you want them done, as well as how they fit into your overall strategy.

Employing tactics without a solid plan is a lot like playing horse shoes and hand grenades, and hoping that you eventually manage to hit something in the process. That is to say,  it’s not very effective.

I am a big believer that you need a platform of your own, and that the better your build your platform, your Facebook Group, your social media, your personal networks, or even your Linkedin Network will determine how quickly and how easily you acquire new clients.

You do want to acquire clients easily don’t you?


Happy Clients

“I just had my first coaching hour with Haley Lynn Gray. Guys, she’s really good! I came away clearer on my next steps, learned a few things about how I come across (yeah, there’s room for improvement!), and feel very optimistic.”

“I’m so thrilled to have worked with Haley Gray the last few months! Trying to ‘nail my message’, along with getting clear on my market and how it is I work best, has been a daunting process. After working with Haley, I got it! Not only do I feel very confident that the path I’m on is right for me, I am proceeding with clarity of purpose and how to move forward. I recommend working with Haley ASAP, y’all!”

“Plus, she was patient with my process, which makes all the difference! Sometime more patient than I was.”
Jennifer A.

Haley Lynn Gray is awesome! a few minutes with her and she gets to the heart of the subject with so much clarity!”

“I want to thank her for being an amazing role model! She has been extremely helpful and always makes time to give sound advice to a fellow business owner. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule!”
~ Anonymous

“Clarity in Business. Earlier this morning I reached out to Haley Lynn Gray about helping me get my business focuses. Within 45 minutes I was clear. She helped me through one of the hardest brain fogs I have ever had. She is offering a complimentary clarity session for you so get with her and set a time. Get clear and thrive.”
~ Anonymous

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