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“Haley is an amazing individual! As a coach, she is a role model first. Her business Leadership Girl – she lives up to the title! Haley leads from the front in everything she does. If she tells you to get visible, she demonstrates how by being visible herself. If she tells you to stop taking on too much, she evaluates herself and makes sure she is practicing her talk.

In the time I have worked with Haley, she has provided me with knowledge, encouragement, mentorship, and most of all, a stellar cheerleader in my corner when I feel like everything is in turmoil. She is on point with knowing where I am in my process and ready with useable, realistic and relevant tools for improving my business position. She understand my vision, she understands my frustration, and more importantly, she understands my drive and knows how to tap into the part of my psyche that pushes me outside my comfort zone to grow.

Haley is the type of coach anyone wants in their corner. She is experienced in business ownership. She thinks like an entrepreneur. She is building her third business, while running two 6-figure businesses, and raising four children. She holds nothing back in developing her clients and providing them with resources and tools to excel. If you work with Haley, the only reason not to get ahead is if YOU fail to put in the work.”
~ Nickel Jaramillo

 “Haley Lynn Gray is the bomb! After we spoke for about 15 or 20 minutes I was off and running, on a roll telling her what I should do and why. I should mention before we spoke I was feeling unsure of which direction to go in. I became clear and was more focused. Thank you Haley. It was a pleasure talking to you!”
~ Anonymous

“I had a session with Haley recently and she was very straight to the point and her energy was very calming. It felt like the most productive session that I’ve had with ANYONE in a very long time. She helped me put some things together that I’d been struggling with and really guided me through the whole process which is awesome. After our session it was a breath of fresh air and felt “unstuck”. Her strategy is on point and would DEFINITELY recommend working with her.”
~ Kristin Lloyd Moussa

“Hey everybody!  I just want to give a special shout out and huge recommendation to Haley Lynn Gray and her company. Haley has given me some superb help and her advice has really resonated. Please do yourselves what is certain to be a big favor and check out her website and book some time with her… it’s worth it, believe me! Fabulous website and, at the risk of repeating myself, just wonderful help. Please share this to anybody starting out in biz or who wants to move things up a notch.”


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