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Social Media, Marketing, and Strategy

I am an expert in social media, a Facebook Certified Community Manager, and regularly speak about social media, marketing related topics, and business and marketing strategy. 

Your Value – Signature Talk

Your value is more than your weight, size, gender, color, race, religion, disability and more.  

As a woman who has lost over 175 pounds and counting, I know what it’s like to live as a very fat woman in a thin world and to be judged as less than. Through storytelling, I share how important each of us is. 

Get out of your own way

We get in our way preventing forward progress in our lives. In this talk, I discuss many of the ways we get in our way, preventing progress.  Whether it’s procrastination, getting lost on social media, our family’s situation, or other reasons, we touch on them all, and how to overcome each of these. 

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“Haley is an amazingly dynamic force. She always has several irons in the fire and manages them all with great skill. When Haley commits herself to a task, you can be sure that it will be completed well.”
~ Samantha K. Herring

“Haley was sweet enough to discuss my Business with me and it couldn’t have come at a better time. She is sweet and straight. I highly recommend her services.”
~ Anonymous

 “Haley rocks! And is so awesomely helpful with tips. Thank you Haley.”
~ Anonymous

“I found Haley on the internet whilst searching for solutions on how to grow my business. I contacted her and it has been a wonderful relationship ever since. Haley gave me courage to go out and meet potential clients encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone (being the shy person I am) to call on potential clients. Haley has been nothing but supportive of my business. She is always willing to answer questions that I have, recommend professionals to assist in whatever capacity that is needed. I’ll email her at 10pm and she will respond. She keeps telling me it will take time and not to give up. I truly enjoy working with her.”
Gillian Akabi-Davis